Friday, May 2, 2014

High PR Blog Directory Submission Sites 2014

High PR backlinks are like blood cells for any blog. But day by day getting high PR backlinks is becoming very tough task. Google is totally alert about backlinks. Therefore, many easy ways of building High PR backlinks are banned from Google. There are still some good source from where we can build High PR backlinks for our blog. I think high PR and reputed blog directories are great source to have some spicy High PR backlinks which are not negligible by Google. Thus, we can have attention of google to take care of our blog and to rank it. I am providing a list of high PR blog directories below. You can use these directories to get ranked in the eye of Google. So, best of luck ...
High PR Blog Directory Submission Sites 2014

List begins here:
1. (PR: 7)
2. (PR: 7)
3. (PR: 6)
4. (PR: 6)
5. (PR: 5)
6. (PR: 5)
7. (PR: 6)
8. (PR: 5)
9. (PR: 5)
10. (PR: 6)
11. (PR: 5)
12. (PR: 5)
13. (PR: 5)
14. (PR: 4)
15. (PR: 4)
16. (PR: 4)
17. (PR: 4)
18. (PR: 3)
19. (PR: 4)
20. (PR: 4)
21. (PR: 3)
 22. (PR: 4)
23. (PR: 3)
24. (PR: 4)
25. (PR: 4)
26. (PR: 3)
27. (PR: 3)
28. (PR: 4)
29. (PR: 3)
30. (PR: 5)
31. (PR: 2)
32. (PR: 2)
33. (PR: 2)
34. (PR: 2)
35. (PR: 2)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best 11 Social Media Exchange Sites in 2014

Social engagement is very important for any website, blog or business. At this moment millions of people are passing their time on social media sites. Therefore social media sites are huge source of traffic that can boost your web/blog ranking and also your business. Social media exchange sites are great media to spread your web, blog or business among the social media sites in a short time and of no cost. You can increase your social traffic for free by using these social media exchange sites. I have given a list of world's best 11 social media exchange sites in 2014. Below the list I have given some best strategy to use these sites in order to get maximum advantages.
Best 11 Social Media Exchange Sites in 2014

1. (Please verify your E-mail to log in. As Addmefast is more popular, it's more strict)
    Alexa Rank:638              Members:2,000,000+

    Alexa Rank:5,771           Members:300,000+ 

    Alexa Rank:10,263         Members:126,000+

    Alexa Rank:7,591           Members:Unknown 

    Alexa Rank:3,160           Members:Unknown 

    Alexa Rank:10,948         Members:140,800+ 

    Alexa Rank:12,522         Members:Unknown 

    Alexa Rank:63,299         Members:67,000+ 

    Alexa Rank:13,326         Members:103,000+ 

    Alexa Rank:159,860       Members:19,000+ 

    Alexa Rank:227,400       Members:35,000+

Best strategy to use social media exchange sites:
Facebook: Use social media sites to get facebook shares and website likes. Because these will never return back. If you use these to get fanpage likes or followers, you need to remember that about 10-30% likes or followers may be disappear later.
Google+: Use these sites to increase your post shares and G+. Followers may decrease later.
Twitter: Best way to use these sites for twitter is to increase tweets and retweets. Because some of your follower that you will  get through these sites may unfollow you later.
Youtube: Try to get youtube views and likes (thumb up) rather than getting subscribers.
Pinterest: Try to get pinterest pins rather than followers.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Best SEO Tips for Google Hummingbird in 2014

Google has updated it's new search algorithm last year which is named Hummingbird. This change in Google search has affected about 90% search result. Hummingbird is not only an updated version rather it's a totally new algorithm which mainly focuses on consumer's need based on conversational queries such as questions. Hummingbird is highly developed for improving search result. Therefore site's must contain helpful content in order to stay at the top pages of Google  according to Hummingbird. Hummingbird has a great impact on Google SEO strategy. Many old SEO techniques are dead with the arrival of Hummingbird. Therefore we need to approach towards new Google SEO techniques which are described below.

Best SEO Tips for Google Hummingbird in 2014
1. Google Hummingbird is question based algorithm. So you need to add question based words in your content for better Google SEO rank. But never add question based words randomly or you may get blacklisted.For example you can use...
How to.....
Where is the.....
What is the..... etc.

2. Now Google is not depends on bold or italic words. So stay away from making your keywords bold or italic. In case of Google Hummingbird this is not any more good SEO practice.

3. Try to keep your main keywords in the title of your article. Title is the most important SEO fact for better Google search result.

4. Use tags for your article. Generally many people neglect tags which is totally a bad practice. Search engines use tags for their searching purpose. Impact of tags is very extreme in case of Google SEO.

5. Search description or meta description is another essential part of good SEO practice. Search engines get an idea about the site or page through it's description. Therefore description plays great roll in Google SEO rank.

6. Again I have to say a traditional quote. That is "Never do copy and paste". Hummingbird is much more strict in this case. If you are spotted as a copy-paster you may be penalized by Google.

7. Guest posting was an effective SEO method in the past. But now it's horrible for SEO strategy. If Google finds any guest post that is made to promote any product, blog or website, it can harm your site's SEO result.

8. Alt tags is still working well for Google SEO result. Try to use you most targeted keywords in alt tag of image, flash or video. You can also use title for images to make your search result more effective.

9. Page speed is another important case for Google SEO. If your site takes long time to load, you may miss both visitors and search engine bots.

10. Number of mobiles and smartphones is increasing at the speed of rocket (imaginary sense). So your site must be ready for this challenge. Google also prefer site's that are optimized for mobile. Thus site's that are optimized for both PC and mobile can bring more visitors by increasing Google SEO ranking.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

8 Tasks to do After Making a New Blog Post

Sorry for not making any post for a long time. Actually I am busy with my new university life. Ok guys forget about me. I am going to open a great secret to get huge amount of backlinks as well as visitors via this article.

How to get more blog visitors? 
How to increase my blog traffic? 
How to get more backlinks for my website/blog?........ etc
These are some common queries that almost every blogger (except elite blogger) ask to Google. There are thousands of answers of these questions. Some are more effective, some are less effective and some are valueless. I am going to give an effective solution of these questions. Hope my solution will satisfy you.
How to get more blog visitors?   How to increase my blog traffic?  How to get more backlinks for my website/blog?

Most effective way to get more backlinks and traffic is to promote each and every post and page of your blog or website. I am describing 8 tasks that can bring huge visitors to your site. Complete these tasks after making every new posts.

1. Index Your Site to Search Engines: You must index your new blog post manually to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This will make your site more visible and instantly indexed in search engine result.

2. Ping Your Site: Ping is another way to index your site into many search engines, directories, Site lists etc within a short time. You may use,, etc. See more ping sites

3. Share in Social Networks: Social networks are amazing source of traffic. Spread your every posts via these social networks by sharing. Don't confine yourself within facebook, twitter or Google+. There are many more social networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Instagram, Habbo, Myspace etc. Join and share in these sites too.

4.Use Blogging Communities: There are some blogging communities which connect bloggers with Blogsphere. Sharing your new post in these communities will boost your traffic. You can use,,, etc. See more blogging communities

5. Social Bookmarking: If you want to be backlink master then social bookmarking sites are perfect for you. Because you can build huge amount of both dofollow and nofollow backlinks by submitting your blog posts to these social bookmarking sites. See list of dofollow social bookmarking sites

6. Post in Forums: Forums are meeting place of internet activists. Open a related thread with your blog article's link and see the magic. Remember to give valuable information in order to get more targeted traffic to your blog.

7. Blog Comment: Making comments on niche blogs is a great way to build backlinks. Try to make comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs after publishing new articles. So that your latest article's link will be shown below your comment.

8. Various Promoting Sites: At last I would like to suggest you to promote your blog post's via various sites. Examples are given below:
# Open a tumblr blog and post your main blog's articles on that.
# Make pages at Squdioo and Hubpages to promote your post's.
# You can also create free web site using webly, wix, webs etc and boost your blog article's backlink.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Stats 2014 (Infographic)

Social medias are expending day by day. See the latest stats (2014) of top social media sites.
Social Media Stats 2014 (Infographic)
Originally by Leverage
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Get Exclusive High PR Backlinks for Free

If anyone ask you "What is backlink?". What will be your answer! I don't know what it will be. But my answer will be "Backlinks are the life-support of a site." Because backlinks keep a site alive. It means the more backlinks you will get, the more traffic you will have. But you need to remember one thing while building backlinks for your site that "Quality of Backlinks is much more important than the quantity". So let's build high quality as well as high PR backlinks for your site for free. 
Get Exclusive High PR Backlinks for Free, how to get high PR backlinks, free High PR backlinks, high PR backlinks 2014, dofollow high PR backlinks, PR9 backlinks (

1. Google+ (PR9)
This is a well known social network powered by Google. Google+ is a hard competitor of facebook. Day by day it's expending. The most important fact about Google+ is that it plays a vital role in Google search result. Not only this, Google+ gives dofollow backlink which is of PR9. So let's get it...
* Go to your Google plus account then go to About tab.
* Now scroll down and click on edit in links section.
Get Exclusive High PR Backlinks for Free, how to get high PR backlinks, free High PR backlinks, high PR backlinks 2014, dofollow high PR backlinks, PR9 backlinks (
You can see that Google+ provides both nofollow and dofollow backlinks. Just submit your link and save it.       
2. Yahoo Answers (PR8)
It's a popular site for asking questions and giving answers. This site will give you nofollow backlinks. But these backlinks are much good for search result. You cannot submit your active backlink in the beginning. For submitting active backlink you need to be in level 2. It's quite easy to upgrade level. Just make visits daily, give answers daily and make some votes.    

3. Imgur (PR6)
Imgur is one of the largest image sharing site. Thousands of images are uploaded daily on imgur's server. Getting high PR backilnks from imgur is very easy. Just upload some images and give your sites link in the description of the images. Thus you can get high PR backlinks from imgur. These backlinks are also counted as Alexa backlinks.

4. Youtube (PR9)
Youtube is the largest video sharing site with PR9. This site will give you both nofollow and dofollow backlinks. Getting high PR nofollow backlinks from Youtube is very easy. Just upload a video that is related to your site and submit the site link in the description of the video. In order to get dofollow backlink your account must be verified. After being verified follow below steps:
1. Log in to your Youtube account
2. Go to Channel Setting>Advanced
Get Exclusive High PR Backlinks for Free, how to get high PR backlinks, free High PR backlinks, high PR backlinks 2014, dofollow high PR backlinks, PR9 backlinks (
Put your site in the associated website section and press save. That's all...
5. Pinterest (PR9)
Pinterest is another photo and video sharing (pinning) site. This site gives high PR baclink but it's nofollow. Although it's nofollow, important for search result and alexa backlink. Just put your link in the pin (after pinning a picture or video) description to get PR9 backlink from pinterest. 

6. Orkut (PR6)
Orkut is a social networking site developed by Google. As it's a part of Google, it can influence Google search result. You need to log in with your Google (Gmail) account at Orkut. After logging in follow below steps:
1. Go to Profile>Edit my profile
2. Now submit your site in the web page section and save it.

7. Technorati (PR7)
Technorati is the most reputed blog directory. Backlink from Technorati is not only of high PR but also of high quality. Getting high PR backlink from technorati is easy but takes time. You need to submit your site in it's directory. It will take 24 hrs to 72 hrs to review your site. Though it's a matter of some days but backlink from Technorati means an amazing high PR backlink. 

8. Mozilla (PR8)
It will take 5 minutes or less to get a high quality as well as high PR backlink from Mozilla group. This backlink is dofollow. Just sign up as Mozilla Addson developer providing your site link.

9. BlogTopList (PR5)
It's a blog directory. Just submit your blog and you will get a backlink within some minutes.  

10. Opera (PR8)
Getting high PR backlink from Opera is similar to Mozilla. But here you need to submit your site after signing up. Simply go to your profile and set your site URL in the home page section.

11. BlogLog (PR5)
Submit your site in bloglog directory and get a high PR baclink instantly. 

12. Flickr (PR9)
Flickr is another popular image sharing site like imgur. This site is a part of Yahoo. Here you cannot get backlink from image description like imgur. But in a way that is much more easy than imgur. Just leave comments with your site link. Thus you can get PR9 backlinks from flickr. 

13. Bizsugar (PR5)
Bizsugar is a blogging community with PR5. Sign up at bizsugar and add your site link in profile section. This backlink is important for both search result and Alexa ranking. 

14. TopofBlogs (PR5)
It's also a blog directory like bloglog and topofblogs. To get backlink from this directory just submit your site. 

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Best Tools to Boost up Twitter Followers and Marketing (2014)

Twitter is the most favorite social marketing platform for many social marketers. There are some reasons for this high popularity of twitter among the social marketers. Twitter is the only platform by which one can spread his or her business to thousands of people within a moment. Another attractive fact about twitter is it's simplicity. In short Twitter is simple, easy and fast method for online business.
   Thus you can realize the power of twitter as a social marketing network. For making this network more powerful and effective there are some tools to use over internet. These twitter tools will help you to increase your twitter followers as well as tweets and retweets. In short these twitter tools will boost up your twitter visibility.         
Best Tools to Boost up Twitter Followers and Marketing (2014)

(PR = Page rank and AR = Alexa rank)

1. (PR=4 and AR=4,509)
It's a wonderful site to increase twitter followers. The most attractive fact about this site is you can find people of your interest and your country to follow. You need seeds to increase twitter followers here. You can earn seeds by following others or you can buy seeds. 

2. (PR=3 and AR=13,026)
This tool is effective for both gathering followers and making tweets. You need credits to make your tweets by others. Credits can be collected by following others and by making others tweet or by investing money.  

3. (PR=4 and AR=5,064)
It's an awesome tool to manage your twitter account. You can also identify the inactive people and unfollow them via this site.

4. (PR=6 and AR=1,502)
Buffer App is a well known tool in the world of social marketing. It also supports some other social networks along twitter. You can set timer with your tweets like the time bomb. Thus you can spread your tweets at the right time.  

5. (PR=5 and AR=54,241)
This site has some similar quality like bufferapp. You can see the time when you more followers are active. Thus you can make your tweets visible to more followers.

6. (PR=5 and AR=21,703)
This is a dynamic tool to manage your twitter account. You can analyze, search, monitor, download and can do lots more with twitter via this impressive tool.

7. (PR=5 and AR=2,631)
This tool will give you chance to manage multiple accounts. You can search people of your interest to follow, analyze your twitter account and also set timer to your tweets.

8. (PR=6 and AR=3,051)
Topsy is the most power tool to search and analyze whole twitter since 2006. You can search for tweets, links, photos and videos via this twitter search engine. 

9. (PR=5 and AR=27,094)
It's a professional twitter management tool made for business and marketing. You can schedule your tweets to get more response from your followers. 

10. (PR=5 and AR=10,918)
This site will show you the best time to make tweets. You can browse community to get information of your interest here. It's most impressive feature is tracking and analyzing competitors. 

11. (PR=5 and AR=265,174)
This is a simple tool for emailing twitter tweets. It has both free and premium account.

12. (PR=5 and AR=22,267)
It's a software made for social marketing via twitter. You can spread your business to targeted people via this software. For better experience you need to buy full activation key.   

 13. (PR=4 and AR=126,798)
You can identify people whom you are following but he or she is not following you back. Thus you can unfollow them.

14. (PR=6 and AR=34,385)
Twellow mainly focuses on increasing twitter followers. Mashable, Samsung, Playstation and some other top class community also use this tool.

15. (PR=6 and AR=5,613)
If I say you to make a tweet containing 500 characters you may think I am a mad or totally unknown about twitter. But you can do this dream task in real via TwitLonger. This tool will help you to share long tweets on twitter.  

16. (PR=3 and AR=5,066,978)
It's a simple browser toolbar made for twitter. This tool will make your tweeting task more easy and fast.

17. (PR=6 and AR=5,597)
It's a powerful twitter stats checker tool. This site offers to analyze, track and boost twitter marketing. 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

21 Sites to Ping Like a King

What is Ping?
Ping means to submit your site to many search engines and directories at a time. In short ping is the shortest process to index your site for free. In another sense ping is a process to submit your updated content to major search engines and directories.
Benefits of Ping:  
* Indexing site into many search engines and directories in a short time.
* Increasing visibility in search engines.
* Submitting your updated content.
* It also helps to build backlinks.

(The number indicates Page Rank)
1. - 6
2. - 3
3. - 4
4. - 3
5. - 5
6. - 4
7. - 4
8. - 2
9. - 4
10. - 2
11. - 3
12. - 5
13. - 2
14. - 3
15. - 1
16. - 6
17. - 5
18. - 5
19. - 5
20. - 2
21. - 5

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[Note: Excessive ping of a single URL within a short time can be penalized by major search engines]
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

List of Valid RSS Feed Submission Directory

More RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds reader means more popularity. By using RSS feeds you can easily convey your content to your readers. Make your RSS feeds more popular by submitting your site's feed link into RSS directories. The number of RSS feed directory is not so much. But still you can find some high PR directories over internet. I have listed almost all best and valid directories here.    
List of Valid RSS Feed Submission Directory
(Number beside the directory link indicates Page Rank)
1. - 6
2. - 5
3. - 5
4. - 4
5. - 2
6. - 2
7. - 2
8. - 2
9. - 3
10. - 3
11. - 2
12. - 5
13. - 3
14. - 3
15. - 2
16. - 5
17. - 2
18. - 3
19. - 2
20. - 4
21. - 2
22. - 4
23. - 7
24. - 4
25. - 2
26. - 2
27. - 3
28. - 0
29. - 3
30. - 3

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Best 57 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2014

Social bookmarking sites are very effective to increase visitors and backlinks. Bookmarking also increases the visibility in search engines. There are two kinds of social bookmarking sites depending on the link they give. One is dofollow and another is nofollow. Both types of bookmrking are helpful to increase your sites traffic. But dofollow social bookmarking sites are more effective and important for search engine result as they give dofollow backlinks to your site. I am giving a rich list of dofollow social bookmarking sites. Bookmark your site in these dofollow social bookmarking sites to get better result.
Best 57 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2014

(Number beside the links indicates Page Rank )
13. - 2
14. - 7
15. - 4
16. - 4
17. - 2
18. - 2
19. - Na
20. - 3
21. - 0
22. - 3
23. - 2
24. - 1
25. - 2
26. - 2
27. - Na
28. - 4
29. - 3
30. - 1
31. - 0
32. - 3
33. -1
34. - Na
35. - 1
36. - 2
37. - 0
38. - 0
39. - 4
40. - 5
41. - 3
42. - Na
43. - 4
44. - 4
45. - 3 (Arabic)
46. - Na
47. - Na
48. - 2
49. - Na
50. - Na
51. - 2
52. - 1
53. - 2
54. - 2
55. - 1
56. - 3
57. - 2

Extraaa!!! Added on request:
58. - 3
59. - 4
60. - 4

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