Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 Incredible Secrets to Decrease Alexa Rank Fast

Alexa is a site ranking company which is a part of Alexa rank is like a sign of reputation for any blog or website. The more rank decreases the more reputation increases. So every site owner tries to decrease the alexa rank of his/her site.
   Today I am going to tell you 5 incredible secrets to decrease your site's alexa rank fast in a short time. Let me tell you first the main factors of alexa rank. These are visitors and backlinks. The more valid and raw hits your site will get the more it's alexa rank will decrease. Quality backlinks are also important to get a good alexa rank. Ok let me tell you the secrets.

5 Incredible Secrets to Decrease Alexa Rank Fast

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1. Claim your site:
To get alexa rank fast you must claim your site in alexa. It is the primary term of getting a desired alexa rank. If you haven't done it yet do it now. Go to and claim your site. If you don't claim your site it may take from 15 days to 6 months to be ranked by alexa. On the other hand, if your site is claimed it will take about 7 days to get your first alexa rank but you need to have some traffic daily to your site.    

2. Use Alexa toolbar:
Using alexa toolbar is very important to decrease your sites rank fast. Every visit to your site that made from a browser containing alexa toolbar will be counted as a valid visit by alexa. Besides you can monitor your site's rank daily via alexa toolbar. Visit here to download Alexa toolbar.

3. Use Alexa rank widgets:
It's a simple widget for your site which will show your alexa rank and alexa backlinks. Using this widgets means to give a backlink to Alexa. When you will give a backlink to alexa,  Alexa will also be more friendly to you. So it's also a great chance to decrease your alexa rank. Visit to get Alexa Widget.

4. Build more Alexa backlinks:
Getting more backlinks from other niche sites to your site is very important to decrease alexa rank. Every dofollow link to your site will be counted as a Alexa backlink.

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5. Get as much visitors as you can:
I told you before that both valid/unique hits and raw hits play vital role in maintaining alexa rank. So try to get as much visitor as you can. For this I suggest you to use automatic traffic exchange site like HitLeap. This site will drive unlimited traffic to your site. But in return you need to visit others site. I support Hitleap personally because it is much better than others. You need to do only 3 things to get unlimited form this site. These are Sign Up>Submit your site>Click start browsing and nothing to do. This traffic will decrease your sites alexa rank rapidly. But for getting permanent good alexa rank you need to do SEO and get organic traffic.    

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