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You are warmly welcome to share your knowledge via Sakib's Traffic by writing article as a guest. Guest post is an important fact for blogs as well as bloggers/writers. It helps to share and learn new facts more rapidly. Therefore from now guest posts are open for Sakib's Traffic.

Guest post on Sakib's Traffic

What you will get by making guest post on Sakib's Traffic?
It's a common question that may hit your brain. Almost all of us in this world thing about the  outcome of any work. So, you may also think of it. Though this blog is not so much popular like the pro ones, but getting good number of visitors daily and very important fact is most of them are webmasters and bloggers. This blog also has a good alexa rank of 95,824 all around the world. So, do follow backlink from this blog to yours will help to increase your blog's reputation as well as visitors. Yes, dear you are going to get a do follow backlink from this blog as credit. Besides, you can promote your referral or affiliate links. You can also increase your social status by linking up your social media profiles.

What topics are eligible to make guest post on Sakib's Traffic?
 Only articles are related to below topic are allowed to submit.
1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
3. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
4. Blogging tips and tricks
5. Resource or infographic for related topics.
6. Link building strategy.

Some soft rules your need to maintain for better article submission.
1. Your article must be unique. (will be checked manually)
2. Article must not contain illegal or unrelated content or picture.
3. Article must be contain at least 400 words.
4. You are not allowed to use more than one links in the article.You can use your referral or affiliate links (must be related to your content) but they will be no follow. If more links are required, I will make them by my self.
5. Your content must provide helpful information to the readers. Articles that are written only to promote referral or affiliate links will be rejected.
6. You need to submit your short bio, website/blog (if you have), social profile links mostly facebook, twitter and google+ along with your article.
7. ............................. off!!! more rules are not hitting my mind at this time.
Note: Any new rule can be added at any time without any notification. (sorry for being so rude)     

How to submit your article to Sakib's Traffic?
As you know that, this blog is on blogspot and there is no default way to submit guest article for blogspot blogs. Therefore you need to send your article via mail or by doc file. Please send your article to (Please do not spam it). You are requested to write "Guest post for Sakib's Traffic" as the subject of your mail otherwise I may not understand.

Note: Approval or rejection of any article is totally depends on me. (again sorry for being so rude)
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