Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best 11 Social Media Exchange Sites in 2014

Social engagement is very important for any website, blog or business. At this moment millions of people are passing their time on social media sites. Therefore social media sites are huge source of traffic that can boost your web/blog ranking and also your business. Social media exchange sites are great media to spread your web, blog or business among the social media sites in a short time and of no cost. You can increase your social traffic for free by using these social media exchange sites. I have given a list of world's best 11 social media exchange sites in 2014. Below the list I have given some best strategy to use these sites in order to get maximum advantages.
Best 11 Social Media Exchange Sites in 2014

1. Addmefast.com (Please verify your E-mail to log in. As Addmefast is more popular, it's more strict)
    Alexa Rank:638              Members:2,000,000+

2. LinkCollider.com
    Alexa Rank:5,771           Members:300,000+ 

3. Likesplanet.com
    Alexa Rank:10,263         Members:126,000+

4. Youlikehits.com
    Alexa Rank:7,591           Members:Unknown 

5. Like4like.org
    Alexa Rank:3,160           Members:Unknown 

6. Likesasap.com
    Alexa Rank:10,948         Members:140,800+ 

7. Traffup.net
    Alexa Rank:12,522         Members:Unknown 

8. Shareyt.com
    Alexa Rank:63,299         Members:67,000+ 

9. Like-ex.com 
    Alexa Rank:13,326         Members:103,000+ 

10. Socialied.com
    Alexa Rank:159,860       Members:19,000+ 

11. Tweib.com
    Alexa Rank:227,400       Members:35,000+

Best strategy to use social media exchange sites:
Facebook: Use social media sites to get facebook shares and website likes. Because these will never return back. If you use these to get fanpage likes or followers, you need to remember that about 10-30% likes or followers may be disappear later.
Google+: Use these sites to increase your post shares and G+. Followers may decrease later.
Twitter: Best way to use these sites for twitter is to increase tweets and retweets. Because some of your follower that you will  get through these sites may unfollow you later.
Youtube: Try to get youtube views and likes (thumb up) rather than getting subscribers.
Pinterest: Try to get pinterest pins rather than followers.

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