Saturday, March 15, 2014

8 Tasks to do After Making a New Blog Post

Sorry for not making any post for a long time. Actually I am busy with my new university life. Ok guys forget about me. I am going to open a great secret to get huge amount of backlinks as well as visitors via this article.

How to get more blog visitors? 
How to increase my blog traffic? 
How to get more backlinks for my website/blog?........ etc
These are some common queries that almost every blogger (except elite blogger) ask to Google. There are thousands of answers of these questions. Some are more effective, some are less effective and some are valueless. I am going to give an effective solution of these questions. Hope my solution will satisfy you.
How to get more blog visitors?   How to increase my blog traffic?  How to get more backlinks for my website/blog?

Most effective way to get more backlinks and traffic is to promote each and every post and page of your blog or website. I am describing 8 tasks that can bring huge visitors to your site. Complete these tasks after making every new posts.

1. Index Your Site to Search Engines: You must index your new blog post manually to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This will make your site more visible and instantly indexed in search engine result.

2. Ping Your Site: Ping is another way to index your site into many search engines, directories, Site lists etc within a short time. You may use,, etc. See more ping sites

3. Share in Social Networks: Social networks are amazing source of traffic. Spread your every posts via these social networks by sharing. Don't confine yourself within facebook, twitter or Google+. There are many more social networks such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Instagram, Habbo, Myspace etc. Join and share in these sites too.

4.Use Blogging Communities: There are some blogging communities which connect bloggers with Blogsphere. Sharing your new post in these communities will boost your traffic. You can use,,, etc. See more blogging communities

5. Social Bookmarking: If you want to be backlink master then social bookmarking sites are perfect for you. Because you can build huge amount of both dofollow and nofollow backlinks by submitting your blog posts to these social bookmarking sites. See list of dofollow social bookmarking sites

6. Post in Forums: Forums are meeting place of internet activists. Open a related thread with your blog article's link and see the magic. Remember to give valuable information in order to get more targeted traffic to your blog.

7. Blog Comment: Making comments on niche blogs is a great way to build backlinks. Try to make comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs after publishing new articles. So that your latest article's link will be shown below your comment.

8. Various Promoting Sites: At last I would like to suggest you to promote your blog post's via various sites. Examples are given below:
# Open a tumblr blog and post your main blog's articles on that.
# Make pages at Squdioo and Hubpages to promote your post's.
# You can also create free web site using webly, wix, webs etc and boost your blog article's backlink.

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