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Best Tools to Boost up Twitter Followers and Marketing (2014)

Twitter is the most favorite social marketing platform for many social marketers. There are some reasons for this high popularity of twitter among the social marketers. Twitter is the only platform by which one can spread his or her business to thousands of people within a moment. Another attractive fact about twitter is it's simplicity. In short Twitter is simple, easy and fast method for online business.
   Thus you can realize the power of twitter as a social marketing network. For making this network more powerful and effective there are some tools to use over internet. These twitter tools will help you to increase your twitter followers as well as tweets and retweets. In short these twitter tools will boost up your twitter visibility.         
Best Tools to Boost up Twitter Followers and Marketing (2014)

(PR = Page rank and AR = Alexa rank)

1. (PR=4 and AR=4,509)
It's a wonderful site to increase twitter followers. The most attractive fact about this site is you can find people of your interest and your country to follow. You need seeds to increase twitter followers here. You can earn seeds by following others or you can buy seeds. 

2. (PR=3 and AR=13,026)
This tool is effective for both gathering followers and making tweets. You need credits to make your tweets by others. Credits can be collected by following others and by making others tweet or by investing money.  

3. (PR=4 and AR=5,064)
It's an awesome tool to manage your twitter account. You can also identify the inactive people and unfollow them via this site.

4. (PR=6 and AR=1,502)
Buffer App is a well known tool in the world of social marketing. It also supports some other social networks along twitter. You can set timer with your tweets like the time bomb. Thus you can spread your tweets at the right time.  

5. (PR=5 and AR=54,241)
This site has some similar quality like bufferapp. You can see the time when you more followers are active. Thus you can make your tweets visible to more followers.

6. (PR=5 and AR=21,703)
This is a dynamic tool to manage your twitter account. You can analyze, search, monitor, download and can do lots more with twitter via this impressive tool.

7. (PR=5 and AR=2,631)
This tool will give you chance to manage multiple accounts. You can search people of your interest to follow, analyze your twitter account and also set timer to your tweets.

8. (PR=6 and AR=3,051)
Topsy is the most power tool to search and analyze whole twitter since 2006. You can search for tweets, links, photos and videos via this twitter search engine. 

9. (PR=5 and AR=27,094)
It's a professional twitter management tool made for business and marketing. You can schedule your tweets to get more response from your followers. 

10. (PR=5 and AR=10,918)
This site will show you the best time to make tweets. You can browse community to get information of your interest here. It's most impressive feature is tracking and analyzing competitors. 

11. (PR=5 and AR=265,174)
This is a simple tool for emailing twitter tweets. It has both free and premium account.

12. (PR=5 and AR=22,267)
It's a software made for social marketing via twitter. You can spread your business to targeted people via this software. For better experience you need to buy full activation key.   

 13. (PR=4 and AR=126,798)
You can identify people whom you are following but he or she is not following you back. Thus you can unfollow them.

14. (PR=6 and AR=34,385)
Twellow mainly focuses on increasing twitter followers. Mashable, Samsung, Playstation and some other top class community also use this tool.

15. (PR=6 and AR=5,613)
If I say you to make a tweet containing 500 characters you may think I am a mad or totally unknown about twitter. But you can do this dream task in real via TwitLonger. This tool will help you to share long tweets on twitter.  

16. (PR=3 and AR=5,066,978)
It's a simple browser toolbar made for twitter. This tool will make your tweeting task more easy and fast.

17. (PR=6 and AR=5,597)
It's a powerful twitter stats checker tool. This site offers to analyze, track and boost twitter marketing. 

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