Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small Trick to Get Big Traffic from Facebook

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Facebook is now world's #1 visited site in the rank of Alexa. It is world's largest community of 1 billion members and so so...... I know that what have told you right now is known to you. So it is needless to tell you more about facebook. Let's come to the point. Today I am going to tell you about a small and easy trick but this trick can drive a big number of unique traffic to your site from facebook. Ok let's start the easy process...
    Go to facebook and log in. Then search for groups that are related to your blog or web. Now send request to add you in the group. In this way join at lest 20 groups(I would suggest you to join in the groups which have large number of members). Now it's time to make post and get unique traffic. Daily make a post in all the groups and give a link of your site. Enjoy your unique traffic from facebook.

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