Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get Visitors for Your Blog from Yahoo Answers!

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Hey guys now making a blog site is very easy but the most difficult thing is to get visitors. You all are well known about Yahoo Answers! It's a big community of people who asks questions to others and who solve others problems by answering them. Today I am going to give you a short, easy but effective tips to get huge visitors from Yahoo Answers!
       First you must sign up for Yahoo Answers (if needed) and find unsolved questions that belongs to your blog tropics. Now read the problem and try to give the best solution with your blog link. When people find your solution best, the chances to visit you link will increase.
       Now you can follow another tips. Make two Yahoo Answers accounts. Ask questions from one account that belongs to your blogging tropics and make a best answer from another account. Now choose your answer as best from first account. This is how you can get visitors from Yahoo Answers!
      Note: You can't give your active links in the beginning. After rising at a higher level you can provide your active links. That's not a problem at all, if you make a worthful answer people will visit your provided links.       
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